Basically, that's the mood this outfit sets in my mind. A mixture of latte with some pumpkin spices and cream on top. On Shein they state that the colour of the sweater is neon orange, but I wouldn't say it's as neon as I expected. And it's good. So it's somewhere in between. And it definitely reminds me more of a good pumpkin. 

In other words, this orange colour is just perfect for Autumn season. It makes quite a cozy look in a combination with such a jacket, on one hand. Whereas, on the other hand, the sweater creates a pretty bombastic combination with the boots. Looks like my Autumn is all about experimenting with unexpected colours and pieces this time.

Look of the Day:
Reserved jacket
H&M jeans
H&M boots
Stuudio Nahk bag

Photo: T. Egorova