So it happened. The presentation of the Estonian brand VETKA to a small Riga-based audience and my first ever masterclass as a stylist. You can get into the actual mood of the presentation by watching a video, sort of, review from the event that is up on my Facebook page

Now I can't help but share my emotions about this first ever live masterclass of mine. I still feel over the moon, so to say. It was an amazing experience in first place for me as a stylist. I thought I would be more nervous during my presentation of 10 ways how to style VETKA scarf (by the way, you can watch my 5 ways in this video). But everything was so natural. 

I felt absolutely comfortable before and while presenting my style hacks. So, I believe, being in front of people with a fashion-related speech is a pretty natural thing for me. And have to say that such an experience would probably happen much later, if it wasn't VETKA brand, its designer Kristina Puz and my beloved fashion buyer Julija Bekere. 

Photo: T. Egorova