Let's get ready for a big Holiday season together! Yes, I remember,  it was in the previous outfit-post that I said that we're still weeks away from it. But let's not forget about some inspiration in first place.  It's always good to get inspired before the actual event or celebration, because in this case you have time to think everything over and prepare. Let's also not forger about delivery times, if it comes to online shopping...

So, today I prepared quite an interesting and inspirational post in which I came up with 3 different dresses from Femme Luxe. Have to mention also that these dresses are not only Holiday season celebration perfect, these dresses can also work well for a simple end of the week party. Speaking of the dresses, if I had to pick one, it would definitely be hard. Because all 3 are super cool. Still, I think would go with the gold glitter one.

By the way, let's not forget about the fact that each of these 3 dresses is also available in other colours. For example, the gold glitter one is also available in blue and purple. Whereas silver metallic can also be in pink and orange shades. Sounds great? Wait a second. Check out more of Femme Luxe  'Party Dress' and 'Sparkly Dress' sections. A lot of gorgeous dresses are waiting for you there!