How about some polka dot? How about a corset top? And how about the two combined together in a pretty interesting and sensual piece? Yes, that's all about this stunning Femme Luxe blouse. As always, the story is pretty simple - I saw it and I fell in love. Also I decided that I need such a blouse in my life... and, well, wardrobe. 

What to combine it with? I went for high-waisted classic kind of trousers. First of all, such a match looks super elegant. And, secondly, it's also perfect for the upcoming big Holiday season. Now I know that we're still weeks apart from it, but it's better to prepare earlier, don't you think?

By the way, this blouse is also available in black and white colour, check it out here. Also, there is a similar sort of a blouse but in less statement polka dot, you can view it here. But I, of course, still prefer the one that I got. In my opinion, statement polka dot looks more elegant, right?

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