I know, I know it’s been ages. It’s been literally ages since I threw in that thought that I am back at blogspot platform. And, yes, it’s been ages since I blogged properly. But it looks like I just needed a massive break.
A massive break to realise what I missed about blogging… Or the main idea of my blogging - to share bits and pieces of my life, style, thoughts etc. It feels to me now that for quite some time over the past few years I’ve been into a race. A very fast race that was aimed at providing content, more and more content every week.
And it feels like I totally forgot that this Practical Queen AP diary was about me. The way I am. I mean, my real aspirations, inspirations and all the stuff. To be honest, I was out of inspiration over the past 2 years. Again, a lot of things happened throughout these 2 years.
Thankfully, I came to the point where I realised that I need creativity, beauty and inspiration in my life. Plus, I need a place for myself where I feel comfortable. And I do feel comfortable here, on this platform. In my blog. Creating for Practical Queen AP. 
I want to believe that right now I am at that point when I don’t want to run like crazy (well, I have enough of this in my work place), I want to stop, enjoy the moment and its beauty. I want to share the world of Practical Queen AP right here… even though it won’t bring me zillions of views. Even though it might not bring back the level of activity I used to have here, on blogspot.
10 years after I still want Practical Queen AP blog to exist. Yes, I guess I was so lost this year that I totally forgot that I started Practical Queen AP 10 years ago - in late April of 2011. Gosh, it’s been a decade! A decade full of emotions, experiences and possibilities! And I’m glad I’ve had a chance to picture and put down on digital paper some of those. 
So what about now? Or the future of Practical Queen AP? I don’t know. I don’t want to rush into such thoughts or give some sort of promises that I will post every day or week or month. I want it to be a flow of inspiration and creativity. I want it to go from my heart rather than from my brain or so.