Now who would have thought that in Autumn 2021 I will start feeling nostalgia about red color? And who would have thought that I will be back at red colored coat after so many years? Especially, considering the fact that lately I've been moving towards that light feminine vibes and colors, like pale pink and baby blue shades...
True, that was quite long ago when I was sporting my previous red coat from Zara that I was craving to get back in my university years in London. I had owned that coat for quite several years though as I couldn't get enough of it. And it's interesting now for how long this coat will stay in my wardrobe. I would really like to think that for quite long time as I do like this shade of red and the fit of the coat... and, well, because I still stand for that practicality kind of thing.
Speaking of my return to color red, I wish I could open up all my cards straightaway, but I can't. I still need thoughts for one more red color related post. But will say this, I really want to implement as much red in daily wardrobe as possible. It may be an obsession kind of thing, but I would prefer to call it passion for statement pieces.
So, yes, am quite much back at one of my favorite colors and my next move in terms of this color can be quite unexpected. As I didn't expect it from myself. But words aside, let's just wait for it.

Look of the Day:
Helene Berman coat
Reserved blouse
Zara trousers
Zara boots
Inyati bag

Photo: T. Egorova