So, yes, we are having this third, or second still, week of our local Latvian lockdown of the late 2021. And it's not going well. Like I mean it. We are literally forced not to work and it is killing me. As I'm still on a probation period I'm experiencing a lot of anxiety these days. But I'm trying to cope with it by means of working out and writing my lovely blog.
And as we are in this lockdown situation and have pretty much nowhere to go, plus it's raining like crazy these past days, so we literally have nowhere to go but spend some quality time at home. Thankfully, my place is fully equipped to get me through this strange and challenging period.
Oh, yes, here are some of my favorite pieces. Like a candelabrum with a candle inside that a friend of mine presented me as a birthday gift this year and a mirror that I ordered from Zara Home back in Spring. I really adore how such little details are able to add charm to interior.   
Should I mention what sort of positive emotions such pieces bring to my heart and mind?

Photo: A. Puzova