It's a late November-ish Friday evening when I'm writing these lines. I'm sitting in my highly aesthetic room filled with lighted candles. What a beautiful day it's been. And yet, the day is not over. How can I make this great, yet lockdown-much, evening even better? Well, I can read a pile of books I've been putting aside for several months now or I can watch a new episode of American Crime Story... But I rather write a new blog post because I feel like doing it. I think, it's something that's about to help me survive through our Latvian lockdown, which, actually, should end up on November 15th (fingers crossed!).
I also feel like sharing these moody, Autumn-much, pictures. Pictures that are all about Autumn classics - an umbrella, beige coat and a structured handbag. By the way, all these three pieces are pretty much of amazing finds of mine. 
And as soon as this post is quite much about an ideal beige coat (of mine), I would rather concentrate my attention on it today. As usual, I was on a hunt for a perfect Autumn-ish coat in beige color for quite some time, when I came across this Mango piece. So why I liked it so much? First of all, it's the cut that made me fall in love. Even though it's an oversize style, I decided to go for a size down and rather choose M instead of my regular, at the moment, L one. And the coat doesn't look small on me or not fitting. It looks just perfect.
Now that's the thing about Mango outerwear that I've noticed - you can easily go a size down for that perfect fit. I already did it with a puffer coat last year and with a faux fur coat that I'm about to rock in the streets of my city. So I would highly suggest you to experiment with sizes when it comes to Mango coats.
Secondly, what I like about this beige coat is the fact it has dropped shoulders and doesn't have cinched waist. It's something I rather escape when it comes to beige coats. I don't know why, but accentuated waist on other beige-y coats was just making me look bigger and older. But it doesn't mean that I'm not putting accent on my waist line these days. Just to make it clear, I accept my body type and the fact that my size is slightly bigger than it used to be back in the days.
Finally, I like the fact that this Mango coat has more of those masculine vibes rather than feminine. As I still tend to play around feminine hairstyles and elements these days. Speaking of my current style direction, I guess it's more of a different blog post talk. I do want to create more of a mood board or something like this to show what I'm currently striving to. And, oh, I think I wrote quite enough for today actually. 

Outfit of the Day:
Mango coat
Christian Berg turtleneck
Hugo Boss skirt
Mango boots
Inyati bag
Parfois umbrella

Photo: T. Egorova