Right, I know that it's actually only early November o'clock, but I really am in this anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year. I feel like we just are in need of this Winter magic. Am not sure whether we'll have any sort of festive Christmas decorations around our little Eastern European city of Riga, but at least some fairytale-like snow-y situation would be a great thing.
Meanwhile, I think that this pre-Holiday season period of November and early December is a great time to rock such a stunning faux fur coat. It's actually from Mango, but I found it on our local Latvian resale platform Andele Mandele. So I had pretty much of a great find when it comes to this coat that used to be priced around 170-180 Euro with Mango. Well, I got this pearl way lower that 100 Euro. Okay, it did cost me just 20 Euro. Just like that!
Now speaking about my faux fur hunt at Andele Mandele, I was first searching for something more simple and everyday appropriate... but, Gosh, this zebra print is something! And it perfectly fits my feminine yet chic style aesthetic. Also, I pretty much like the fact that itself this coat is a statement piece. It means that I can simply snuggle up in this faux fur and still rock the streets of the city! 

Outfit of the Day:
Mango coat
Reserved blouse
Asos boots
Inyati bag

Photo: T. Egorova