Tik Tok, Tik Tok... Can you hear the clock ticking? Big Holiday season 2021 is almost around the corner. It means that it's high time to start preparing our outfits for upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations! And in this inspiration selection I wanted to come up with just 3 ideas on how to make your outfit look chic, feminine and, well, in some cases even simple.

1. The Dress

Here we don't need much. Simply a dress and a pair of heels, sandals or, maybe, boots. And don't forget that you can go beyond 'traditional' sequined and short dresses. Try this time something more elegant and elongated, like midi or maxi.


2. Shiny Top

The second super simple festive outfit idea is all about a shine top and super casual, or take formal, bottom part. For example, sequined top and jeans or silk blouse and trousers. Add up some interesting accessories and you are ready to go!

3. Sequined Skirt

Well, how can we deal without classy festive outfit element as a sequined skirt? Here we can combine it with everything - starting with silky tank tops and ending up with formal blouses and casual jumpers. Just as simple as that!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest