A totally unexpected turn in life is actually the sort of stuff we can't predict, right? Especially, when the number of such turns increases to 3 in just one year...
To cut a really long story short, these past 12 months were all about pure ups and downs, new opportunities and heartbreaking choices. Last November-December, when I bursted out in a series of posts about this and that, I kind of left you on hold with the situation that's been happening in my professional life. Well, it seemed to me that I found a really great place and even got a promotion in March this year... but... the reality is decided to take the path I didn't want to. Plus, having fully experienced the real behind the scenes of that mass-production retail sector here in Baltics I fell deeply into that total burnout thing and had to make the best possible decision - leave.
What about now? I'm simply living my life. And by saying that I mean that I somehow ended up in a company that has nothing really to do with fashion directly, well it's more about luxury jewellery with that touch of pure art, but this job, place, company (pick whatever you find more appropriate), brought me to a totally new level in all terms. I really started enjoying everything I do during the day. It feels like I've entered a totally fresh chapter of my life.
I'm not even going to beat around the bush this time as I am really proud to be part of the FREYWILLE world. So, yes, I am now part of this Austrian gem. And what is more important, this Viennese jewellery brand has that thing that makes it super special - every single collection is inspired by famous artists and their timeless works, as well as culture of this or that country, architecture of this or that city. Isn't it amazing? Plus every single enamel drawing is handmade by in-house masters. Literally now I am writing these lines and keep stopping from time to time to once again study the pure artistic work that's been invested in this bracelet from L'amandier Turquoise collection dedicated to Vincent van Gogh's painting Almond Blossom...
Speaking of the pictures I decided to include within this blog post, it's again about FREYWILLE. But now a silky scarf that is a perfect match for Nixe Aqua jewellery collection inspired by Gustav Klimt's work Water Serpents. Well, if I have to pick my favorite artists-inspiration from FREYWILLE whole range, then it would definitely be a Viennese artist, who got majorly inspired by Art Nouveau - Gustav Klimt. His works are all about that extravagant and luxurious vibe, so are the Hommage collections created by FREYWILLE in-house masters throughout these years. 
When it comes to Nixe collection in general and Klimt's Water Serpents, I totally adore this feeling of female's mystery, sensuality and ode to feminine lines. It's just a huge BRAVO!
And, yes, I couldn't be able to finish this post off without throwing in some lines about my favorite Latvian brand that's all about leather bags and accessories - VASKALA. I just love the style, the quality, the colours... everything... of the brand. Should I mention that currently I have 3 bags by VASKALA in my collection? And I constantly want to add more. 

Outfit of the Day:
Mango coat
Mango blouse
Reserved trousers
Tamaris loafers

Photo: T. Egorova