Is it just me or time actually does fly like crazy? It's been just six months since my birthday but right now it feels like ages ago. 
I know I already talked about these changes in my life during the last year in that previous blog post. But again, it all just feels a little surreal. Especially from this very point where I'm now. It's Sunday. I just came back from our local Art Museum Riga Bourse where I spent quite few hours checking Asian and European Art Galleries, as well as Roerich Painting Gallery... funny but I actually found this blog post from 2018 when I visited this museum and even posted something about it... what a dose of inspiration and emotions I get every single time in this place... amazing. Simply amazing.
So, yes, it's Sunday. The first Sunday of Advent. I invited my mum to join me on that museum visit, after which we decided to indulge a cup of cocoa in a quiet but lovely cafe. I decided to go for a pretty natural look without any eye-make-up at all. And it all just felt it all felt so good and so me.
Moreover, I'm enjoying every single moment of my life. I am in the right place, surrounded by beautiful and inspiring people, and doing things that ignite the spark both in my mind and heart. I am simply thankful. 
I would like to finish the unexpected blog post with gratitude to my multi-talented friend Victoria, who made these great photos of me back in April. There's just something really special about it. Simple, clean and charming - I still can't get over this set.