Even after all these years apart, this place still feels like home...
After those hectic and strange months I felt like having an escape from our little Eastern European city of Riga. And, of course, my first choice of destination was one and only - London. Place that used to be my home ages ago. Place that I loved with all my heart. And place I was actually afraid to come back to. Decision to leave back in Summer 2014 was unexpected one, even for my own self. 
But at some point this year I just felt that urge for Christmas London with all its street decoration, beautifuly designed shop windows and so on. Plus it was also high time to have a reunion with my dearest friend Liga, who I literally accidentaly met in London back in Autumn 2013 and with whom we share so many beautiful and funny memories about this town.
As I said above, my initial idea was to experience Christmas London again. I was thinking that I would be walking around and taking pictures of all the stunning festive decorations of boutiques and shopping centers. In reality, turned out what I actually wanted was London itself with its unique vibe. The vibe that I've been missing.
To say that I lost it when me and Liga got off the Stansted Express at Liverpool Street Station and went around Spitalfields Market area, where we used to live back in the days, is to literally say nothing. I was running around, taking pics and videos and almost burst into tears as I felt so emotional that very moment.
Oh yes, one of the main highlights of this short London escape was Harrods that's been taken over by Dior this Festive season. The exterior decorations, the windows, the whole concept... In my opinion, it's just a match made in heaven. And I had a chance to see it all with my own eyes. Pure perfection. 
The second highlight I would love to share is the visit to The National Gallery. But, well, it deserves to be posted and talked about separately. So just wait for that second blog post.