One of those must-visit places when in London.
Since I've joined FREYWILLE my interest in art has literally skyrocketed. Don't get me wrong, I've been interested in art and moved by it before as well, I've always loved visiting galleries and museums for a chance to soak up as much inspiration and impression of each and every single painting.
But now during this London visit I wanted to see the paintings that our FREYWILLE designers got inspired by to create stunning Homages to Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh - namely Monet's Water-Lilies and The Water-Lily Pond, as well as Van Gogh's A Wheatfield with Cypreses and Sunflowers. Unexpectedly, the one that moved me the most was actually A Wheatfield with Cypreses. I would rather call myself a Monet kind of woman rather than the Van Gogh one. But the whole combination of colours and brush strokes is just so thrilling! 
Having said all that, I can't help noticing the overall atmosphere of The National Gallery. every single painting, every single room, every single square meter is impregnated with that vibe of pure art. And, yes, the in-gallery shop is simply another space where one can spend hours deciding which book to get. This time my choice fell on the Understanding Art by Stephen Little and Klimt by Angela Wenzel.
And how could I immerse myself into this art-full journey without some FREYWILLE pieces? This Homage Gustav Klimt set from collection Nixe in rhodium-palladium coating is my top favourite. But the separate blog post with my story behind this set is coming. Though already in 2023.