Once you step out in this world with a heart wide open, that's when magic steps into your life. That's when you can change your inner energy and external vibrations.
I don't know where these first lines come from. Did I read it somewhere or it's just something that I formed myself. But it's what I actually somehow discovered over this month. So many beautiful, unexpected and amazing things have been taking place lately. Though I do clearly understand that it's mainly due to the inner work, decisions and discoveries that I've made about myself and for myself so far. 
You know, the phrase that my friend's friend said to me back in December keeps coming back to me from time to time. She said that when she saw me at her event an immediate thought that some sort of transformation is happening to me popped up in her mind. And I wasn't even surprised by her words. It was rather the fact that she noticed it. She felt it. 
I also am over the moon with the series of photos we made last Sunday with my beloved Victoria and Sofia - the beautiful creative duo of sisters. These pictures show me exactly the way I see myself. It's all about natural beauty, being yourself, style, art and Gustav Klimt inspired jewellery set.
Was it in that previous blog post from December that I promised to tell you my story behind the set? FREYWILLE's Gustav Klimt Homage collection Nixe was the first one that I fell in love with when joined the Austrian jewellery house. The rhodium-palladium plated Nixe Aqua caught my eye straightaway. The white coating and shades of blue look really stunning together. It was later on that Nixe in black-white-grey fire enamel and 24 KT gold plated started to seem more of my kind of combination.
Though my last, and still the best, choice fell on the rhodium-palladium coating and black-white-grey fire enamel. That is the Nixe jewellery set I could see myself wearing for absolutely any occasion. 
And just in case you want to know more details behind FREYWILLE's Nixe collection, then check out this blog post.

Outfit of the Day:
H&M blouse
Zara trousers
Zara heels